Fresh Air

Mac Miller’s latest release, GO:OD AM, reminds us we can trust the 23-year-old rapper to rise after a period of adversity. The dark undertones from his last self-released album Faces, focusing on drug addiction, give us a peek into the culture that often comes with money and fame at such a young age. (His song “Ascension” declares, “Dear family, my sanity go down when my cash go up.”)

GO:OD AM is a breathe of fresh air. It’s not preaching sobriety or redemption, just an honest self-reflection paired with upbeat, catchy melodies. He opens the album with “Doors,” admitting, “I’m not sayin’ I’m sober/ I’m just in a better place.” 

As it’s his first album released since signing a massive deal with Warner Bros. Records, it’s a pleasant surprise to hear that Miller hasn’t sold his soul to the devil for a poppy hit single just yet. 

Miller makes his way to Eugene on Nov. 6, and we can only hope to hear some of the old Mac we love (“Party on Fifth Ave,” “Donald Trump”) along with a new Mac we might learn to love even more. 

Rapper Goldlink and alt hip-hop rapper Domo Genesis open for Mac Miller 7 pm Friday, Nov. 6, at McDonald Theatre; $32.50. All ages.