Eugene Weekly Supplement Rate Card

Black & White Rates*  

4 pages

$3,500 (Camera Ready)
$4,000 (Designed by EW)

8 pages

$6,400 (Camera Ready)
$7,000 (Designed by EW)


Four color $450 on front, back or center spread

Policies & Conditions 

Supplements are reserved on a first come first served basis.

The front cover of all supplements must be clearly labeled “Supplement paid for by (name of sponsor or organization).” all other pages must be labeled with sponsor’s name or the words “Paid Advertisement.”

For camera-ready layouts, EW will gladly provide specs for layout once your reservation has been made.

EW reserves the right to request changes in layout or content (at the advertisers expense) or to refuse to publish a supplement for any reason including content, design, or mechanical execution.


For camera-ready layout, deadline is noon on Monday the week of publication.

EW can work with you to design and produce your supplement. This process includes consultation, design, and layout. Deadline for finalized copy (in .doc or .rtf format) and materials (photos, graphics, logos, etc) is Thursday, noon, two weeks in advance of the publication. Please see pricing above.

* Rates do not include custom/stock photography or illustration. Photography and illustration services can be provided at $100/hr.