EWEB offers assistance programs to rebuild

In the aftermath of the Holiday Farm Fire, the Eugene Water & Electric Board created a series of new assistance programs for impacted landowners within the fire’s perimeter to supplement the suite of existing offerings that have long been available to McKenzie Valley residents. 

The wildfire-related incentive and assistance programs aim to protect the McKenzie River and increase the resiliency of the electric system. 

Homesite Relocation Program 

• Eligible landowners in the Holiday Farm Fire footprint can be awarded up to $7,000 for rebuilding their homes outside of the riparian setback or special flood hazard area. 

• Property owners who move their building footprints further back from the waterway may be eligible for $2,000 in advance of construction, which is intended to reward landowners for rebuilding in a way that protects water quality. 

• In addition, EWEB will offer infrastructure grants for landowners who install advanced septic systems or incur out-of-pocket expenses to relocate their home to minimize risk to the river. The grant amount will be 50% of out-of-pocket expenses not to exceed $5,000. 

Landowners interested in the Homesite Relocation Program must first secure land use and building permits through Lane County. For more information on eligibility, go to eweb.org/hff-resources. 

Underground electric service lines 

EWEB intends to invest in underground service lines wherever practical for customers rebuilding within the fire’s perimeter who require substantial repair or replacement of the service line. The goal is to enhance and improve the design of the upriver electric system to increase reliability and outage response and simplify the rebuilding process. 

EWEB will evaluate existing infrastructure and site characteristics to determine whether underground service can be provided. Reimbursable expenses are capped at $60/foot for 200-amp services, and $70/ foot for services greater than 200-amp. Email 

distributionengineering@eweb.org for more info. 

Other programs 

In addition to relocation funding, landowners may also apply for a zero-interest loan through EWEB’s long-standing Septic System and Infrastructure Loan program. 

EWEB also offers all customers the Backup Generator Program, which helps customers increase their safety and resilience during power outages. EWEB will assist with the purchase and installation of a backup generator and transfer switch to safely power critical components in a home during an emergency. 

The standard zero-interest loan for electric customers without a well is up to $2,000. Electric customers with a well for domestic purposes can qualify for a zero-interest loan of up to $4,000