Current board members from left to right: Wendy Mintey (Board Secretary), Anna Kaplan (Board Co-President), Erika Winters (Newly elected Board Seat), Sam Krop (Warrior Sisters), Ryann Haworth (Board Treasurer), Bunni Krass (Community Outreach & Marketing Officer), Heidi Fikstad (Co-President)

Supporting Woman-led Cannabis Companies

An interview with Women Leaders for National ‘HERstory’ Month 

River Valley Remedies: What is Women Leaders in Cannabis?

Women Leaders in Cannabis: WLC is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization focused on women in the cannabis industry. We provide a safe space to learn and grow together.

When did the board become a 501(c)(6)?

The organization was originally founded in 2015 as a limited liability corporation (LLC). Wendy Mintey is the last remaining original board member. Current board members were elected when the majority of founding board members stepped down. We gained our new organizational status in July of 2017.

The backstory is that when the founding members were dissolving the organization, a group of passionate women wanted to continue developing the board because they loved the idea of a safe community for women in the cannabis industry.

Mintey saw the potential of what WLC could be. She held open elections in December 2016. No applications were received for the first weeks. At this point Mintey began to seek out women in the industry who had the skillset, ethics and character to develop a new board.

The first annual election as a nonprofit was announced Feb. 28, 2017. Board members commit to a two-year term. Annual elections give us the ability to maintain a fresh and energetic board of directors and provides the opportunity for others to participate in volunteer work at the board level.

Current board members: Heidi Fikstad (Co-President), Anna Kaplan (Board Co-President), Wendy Mintey (Board Secretary), Ryann Haworth (Board Treasurer), Bunni Krass (Community Outreach and Marketing Officer), Erika Winters (Newly elected Board Seat) and Sam Krop (Warrior Sisters).

What is the mission?

Our goal is not only the normalization of cannabis, it’s also to partner with other nonprofits who meet the needs of under-served groups in our community.

WLC sponsors a nonprofit every quarter, and we raise money or donations for a special project. When WLC initiated our giveback efforts it was hard to get other nonprofits to work with us. Now people are more receptive to what WLC has created.

Some organizations we’ve partnered with are Rock Paper Scissors, Hope in our Valley, and Anti Defamation League. We work along the line of empowering women in some way, supporting cannabis as an industry and supporting its inclusivity — inclusivity is extremely important to WLC.  We will continue to fight for inclusivity and support the movement. #unitedagainsthate

Who can join WLC?

Any woman or woman-identified person can join. The only requirement is that the individual is either currently in the cannabis industry or is interested in joining the industry.

When are the meetings?

Meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of each month at The Davis Restaurant in Downtown Eugene for a $5 drop-in fee. We also host three events each year, which are open to anyone who is in the cannabis industry or would like to be involved in the industry. Individual Memberships are $25/month and Business Memberships are $50/month.

Our featured nonprofit in April is a Warrior Sisters event happening 2 to 4 pm, April 8. This is a WLC exclusive training event for self-defense, and it’s free to attend. We do encourage advance registration. There is no age restriction, although a parent or guardian must attend with minors. More info at

The next Industry Night is 6 to 9 pm, April 25 at the Hi-Fi Music Hall and is named appropriately: 5 after 420.

Find WLC on Facebook to find out about our events. If you have questions or comments, visit our website, send an email or find us on Instagram.

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