Taser Jury May Mistrial

The jury in the trial of taser victim Ian Van Ornum has asked, “what if we don’t agree on the verdict,” according to the judge. Judge Jack Billings said he told the jury, deliberating for the past two hours, that not agreeing unanimously would result in a mistrial and the case would “likely” be tried again by another jury. Billings said the jury told him, “they are making headway.” The judge told the lawyers in the case to remain available as the jury result may come “relatively soon.” Continue reading 

Jury’s Out in Taser Case

The jury went out for deliberation at about 2:30 pm today in the case of taser victim Ian Van Ornum. The Eugene police have accused Van Ornum of slowing traffic and resisting arrest at an anti-pesticide protest last May. Many witnesses have accused the police of brutality in the arrest. Police video in the case shows that Van Ornum was tasered twice while he lay on the ground with his arms pinned under his side or held behind his back. Van Ornum’s doctor testified that he suffered a concussion. Continue reading