Calendar Guidelines and FAQ

When is the deadline to submit online?

Deadline is the Thursday the week before the publication date at noon. 

What is in the announcement?

Name of the event. Time of the event. Place and address of the event. Cost of the event.

I submitted it, and it’s online. But you didn’t put it in print. Where’s my event? 

Some entries just aren’t made for our calendar.  

  • If it costs too much, we recommend calling one of our good people in advertising to get some prime real estate elsewhere in our newspaper. Unless it’s a benefit event, we try to keep our listings at the most two digits. 
  • We call ourselves Eugene Weekly but we like to keep our readers aware of what’s happening in the surrounding area. We generally don’t run event listings with locations outside of Lane County and Corvallis. However, if we’re short on space, we’re limited to just Lane County. 
  • Print is costly and this is a free service. So we can’t include every yoga class in Eugene — unless it’s a hot take on yoga, like including donkeys and beer. 

Why haven’t you uploaded my event yet? 

We love our readers but we have trust issues because we get a lot of spam listings for events in places like Dubai, Ireland and London. Thanks to this, we have to inspect each and every listing to ensure its authenticity. So please have a little patience as our calendar editor is a mere mortal.

Technology isn’t my favorite thing and your system is confusing. Help! 

OK, this isn’t much of a question, but we get you. If you have any questions or need help submitting your event please review our step by step instructions. Still lost in the woods? Shoot an email to Dan Buckwalter, the calendar editor and overall great guy, at dan at eugeneweekly dot com. Or you can call him at 541-484-0519.

I don’t want anything to do with technology and want to turn in a paper copy. Can I do that? 

Yes, you can still drop by to turn in a paper submission form. 

I have an extra beer in my fridge and don’t know who to give it to. 

It just happens that Dan loves beer. Drop it off at 1251 Lincoln Street.  

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