‘Torchwood: Children of Earth,’ Day Three

Well, that was kind of intense. Shall we talk about it? Let’s. “As a gift.” Day Three is a pivot point. The 456 arrives. A pillar of flame sinks into the glass tank at the top of Thames House (without burning anything in its path, I’d like to note). Something prone to splattering green goo against the walls is inside. We never see all of it, just sense a large, lumbering presence, strange and eerie. Continue reading 

‘Torchwood: Children of Earth,’ Day Two

It’s a little funny that I was just discussing Torchwood’s “adult” content levels, given that Day Two gives us entirely naked Jack. (And to think I just read a quote from John Barrowman about eventually getting his kit off.) It’s not quite as hot as it might sound, though. Mostly, it’s rather unpleasant. But let me tuck this all behind a spoiler cut. (For an introduction to Torchwood and my thoughts on Day One, look here.) “I’m a PA. It’s what I do.” Continue reading