Jacob Albert Laskey, back row third from left, 
poses for a group shot June 10, 2017 with members of the 
racist skinhead group American Front and American Patriots Brigade

Local White Supremacist Resentenced

Jake Laskey receives additional prison time

On June 18, more than a year after his arrest for assault, Jacob Albert Laskey, 39, was sentenced for violating the terms of his probation. U.S. District Judge Michael McShane sentenced Laskey to six months of prison time, to be served consecutively with his state prison sentence. 

Additionally, Laskey is ordered to serve 30 months of probation after his release. He is also required to have mental health treatment.

Laskey first became notorious in Eugene for a 2002 anti-Semitic attack on Temple Beth Israel as a member of the white power Volksfront group. Laskey was sentenced to 11 years for that and threatening to kill a witness. He was released October 2015.

After Laskey’s release from federal prison, he began a YouTube channel and several other social media accounts where he would frequently go on long, disjointed screeds railing against Antifa and so-called “social justice warriors,” calling himself an “anti-Antifa supremacist.”

Laskey also administered American Front’s Twitter account, where he would post overtly racist content. American Front is a known racist skinhead hate group. Laskey has the words “white power” tattooed on his face.

On Jan. 19, 2018, Laskey was arrested for stabbing fellow American Front member Devin Reid Wolf, 42, of Eugene. Laskey pleaded guilty to those charges Sept. 10, 2018, and was sentenced to 30 months in state prison.

Only one of three violations Laskey was charged with in June stemmed from the 2018 assault. The other two were violations of special conditions he was subject to. Specifically, Laskey’s probation terms state “the defendant shall have no contact with individuals, groups or organizations that promote white supremacist ideology.” Another stipulation says that Laskey is not to possess material promoting white supremacy.

Court documents indicate that at least one of those violations of the special conditions stems from Laskey receiving royalties from books he authored while in prison that promote white supremacist ideology. Laskey has several books available via Amazon.com, and the website lists him as a co-author with local racist Jimmy “Genocide” Marr on Questioning the Hoax, a Holocaust-denial book published July 22, 2017. He is also listed as the author of The Grey Book: Program & Constitution of American Front, also published in 2017.

On Jan. 29, 2018, Eugene Weekly reported on Laskey’s then-ongoing ties to local white supremacists, including a photograph showing Laskey after his 2017 wedding gathered with fellow members of American Front.

Laskey denied he was tied to American Front or had ties to any white supremacists.

Court documents don’t explicitly describe any one instance of Laskey associating with local white supremacists, only that on Feb. 15, 2019, probation officer Danielle Desanoy filed a petition with the court alleging Laskey was associating with white supremacists.

As part of the conditions of Laskey’s release sometime in 2021, the court has ordered that he participate in a mental health treatment program, must take all mental health medications prescribed to him and must participate in a separate cognitive-behavioral treatment program.

Additionally, Laskey will again be barred from associating with white supremacists, will only be allowed internet access with special approval and monitoring and will be required to undergo treatment for substance abuse.

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