ArtsHound Unleashed on Broadway

Five different artists’ work will be chosen to wrap boxes and display as part of the First Friday ArtWalk. Artists will also receive  $200  and a profile in EW’s ArtsHound!



All artwork submitted must be original and owned by the artist submitting it

Any medium is welcome

No words or text should be incorporated in the work

Entries must meet requirements below

No entry fee

Submissions will be judged by the Eugene Weekly “ArtsHound Unleashed” committee

Employees or relatives of employees of Eugene Weekly or its sponsors are not eligible

Five winners will be chosen

Winning artists will each receive a $200 prize and be featured in EW ArtsHound visual arts special issue in September.

Winning artists’ artwork will be vinyl printed and wrapped on EW boxes and then placed for the Sept. 5 First Friday ArtWalk in downtown Eugene and remain downtown for the month

Artists will be asked to present their boxes during the ArtWalk guided tour on Sept. 5th 


Submit a .pdf of your artwork in this template.   If you cannot digitize your artwork and submit it as a .pdf then it must be submitted in a flat format the shape of this template at no less than 1/2 scale

All digital artwork should be flattened or converted to outlines.

The EW Logo must be incorporated as specified: on front bottom     panel no smaller than 13.5”x 5.5” Artists are encuraged to incorporate the EW logo into their work in their own style. The EW logo will be added on top of the artwork if not incorporated.

Sample EW artbox by Kari Johnson

 Click here to download the template 


Submit your artwork online or to our office.

Eugene Weekly 1251 Lincoln Eugene, OR 97401

Deadline for submission is 7/18/2014