Spiked Reporting: Rose Bowl Coverage Match Up

Sports reporters have long been blasted for pursuing homerism that roots for the home team rather than journalism. So it's interesting to look at the alternative realities of a Register-Guard v. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Journal Sentinel Rose Bowl match up. Here's the game-ending spike that the "reporters" largely covered by watching on TV like everyone else: Continue reading 

City Votes to Pursue May Measure for Schools

The Eugene City Council voted 8-0 tonight to continue discussion of a May ballot measure on an income tax for schools. The council plans to discuss details of the measure on Feb. 14 and take a final vote. The 4J school board may vote on whether to support the additional city funding and how much on Feb. 9. Several councilors appeared to indicate they may ultimately oppose referring a school funding measure to a May ballot vote, but a majority of four councilors and the Mayor spoke in favor of a May ballot measure. Continue reading 

What happens when everyone is armed?

“When everyone is carrying a firearm, nobody is going to be a victim,” Arizona State Rep. Jack Harper told the Arizona Republic in the wake of the mass shooting of a congresswoman, 9 year-old girl, judge and others in his state. Here’s a look at what happens when “everyone is carrying a firearm”: Continue reading