Getting Hairier

Beard and Mustache Competition grows this Celebration

Walking the streets of downtown Eugene can be an adventure. On any given day you might encounter a unicycle-riding cowboy, a man tattooed from head to toe, exotic animals (or at least a cat on a leash), pierced people, painted people, naked people and most definitely bearded people. Now there’s a forum for all those hairy folk to go head-to-head in a contest at the Eugene Celebration’s Beard and Mustache Competition.  Continue reading 

Not Just a Pretty Face

Modeling for fun and business

“I definitely eat,” aspiring model and Eugenean Ayuni Kelton says with a smirk. “I do try to eat clean but I’m not going to deny myself a cheeseburger.”  With one look at Kelton you know she is unusually beautiful. But there’s more to her than long legs, a thin shape, gorgeous hair and stunning complexion. She may be beautiful but she’s got substance, she’s got spunk and she’s ready to kick ass. She effortlessly proves all of the typical assumptions about fashion models false. Continue reading