Bleeding of the Subconscious

Helio Sequence

“This sounds really young, it sounds like early Helio Sequence,” says Brandon Summers, the band’s singer and guitarist, of the new record. “To me, it feels like a 90-degree sunny day in Portland.” The Portland-based alt-rock duo is back on stage for a West Coast summer tour, during which the band is unveiling tracks from the new album, due out in early 2015. EW caught up with Helio Sequence two days after they finished recording.  Continue reading 

Voice and Guitar

Rod Stewart and Carlos Santana

If you’re pestered by indecision — vanilla or chocolate, Beatles or Rolling Stones — rest assured that when it comes to Rod Stewart and Carlos Santana, you won’t have to choose. Stewart, “The Voice,” and Santana, “The Guitar,” reunite in an exclusive North American tour that hits Matthew Knight Arena July 31. Continue reading