Bob Cassidy Wants Your Vote

Bob Cassidy

The big question surrounding the current mayoral election is: Will the wide field of Democratic candidates help sweep Republican Mike Clark into the mayor’s office this May? Former EWEB commissioner and current mayoral candidate Bob Cassidy doesn’t think so. Cassidy doubts his conservative opponent can stitch together the just-more-than 50 percent of the ballots he’ll need in order to settle this race in May’s primary. Nor does Cassidy think Democrat Lucy Vinis can match Clark’s experience or name recognition in the general election.  Continue reading 

Red All Over

Local comics illustrator Mike Allred talks Silver Surfer, killing the Comics Code and the dearth of superhero penises

Hey kids! Look, no penises

Eugene-based comics artist Mike Allred smiles wide. “I’m a professional child,” he says. Allred’s understated style turned heads when his Madman hit stores in 1992, paving the way for him to work with many of the best writers in the business as he drew the shiny, spandexed heroes he grew up loving. A couple years back, when Marvel Comics green-lit a new, light-hearted series based on the classic brooding hero Silver Surfer, editor Tom Brevoort knew instantly this project had Allred’s name written all over it. Continue reading 

Week of the Living Dead

A Skeletal rundown of Halloween in Eugene

Kris Schaefer’s laser-carved pumpkin: ‘Fauning Over It’

Rain fell in sheets that night, pelting my bedroom window so hard it shook the panes. Late October, years ago, in a rundown North Portland house, I squinted against dim light to read ghost stories from a fat anthology I’d found at a secondhand bookstore. Come autumn, I tend to overdo it with horror films and ghost stories. By the time Halloween rolls around, I’m pretty messed up; my bearings are shot such that every shadow becomes a demon and every black cat a witch in disguise.  Continue reading 

Local Haunt

Merlin’s Bar in Lebanon is full of ghosts and everyone knows it

Mike Groff sees dead people

Terry Kennon isn’t on the clock, but she’s at work anyway — because why not. What the hell else is there to do Wednesday night in Lebanon? She hops down from her barstool, walks outside and lights a cigarette under a sign that reads Merlin’s Bar and Grill. “I’ve worked here forever,” Kennon says, matter-of-factly. “Don’t tell me this place isn’t haunted.” Continue reading 

Do You Know the Coffin Man?

Landscaper Eric Kissell supplements his income selling handmade caskets

Eric Kissell

Late October, three years ago, Eric Kissell built his daughter a coffin.  Money’s always tight, so he used some distressed cedar planks pitted with holes bored by carpenter ants and wood beetles. Then he filled the casket with cold beers and added some dry ice for a spooky fog effect. “You can fit a lot of beer in a full-sized coffin,” Kissell says.  His daughter was thrilled. Guests at her Halloween party went nuts over Kissell’s macabre beer cooler. Shoot, he thought. Maybe I’m onto something here. Continue reading 

Living in the Slimelight

Eugene’s new SLUG queen raises awareness for the rights of the disabled

Mark Roberts

Decked in sequins, wearing deep shades of purple and draped in iridescent green fabric, Mark Roberts is so radiant he might be faintly visible from Earth’s moon. Peering out from under the wide brim of his battered leopard-print fedora through a pair of wide, silvery lenses, he says: “I’ve always been kind of a shy person.”  Roberts’ life took a peculiar turn Friday, Aug. 14, when members of the Society for the Legitimization of the Ubiquitous Gastropod (SLUG) crowned him Eugene’s 33rd SLUG queen.  Continue reading 

The Bums Will Always Lose

The Whiteaker’s historic Shamrock House tells the story of the taming of Eugene’s wildest neighborhood

At one end, the blue-and-white Tacovore calavera grins down upon tattooed neo-yuppies lined up to swill cocktails and scarf quasi-Mexican style grub. Follow the acrid scent of fermenting mash north to where the brilliant Ninkasi marquee lights up the sidewalk. Late-model cars stamped with Lexus and Mercedes logos pepper the side streets along the way. On a Saturday evening, Eugeneans from all corners of the city crisscross the northern stretch of Blair Boulevard, comparing lengthy waiting lists at boutique restaurants. Continue reading