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Nathan Anderson is looking back at me through the visitor’s window at the Lane County Jail. He’s wearing inmate scrubs and has old, shiny scars up his left forearm. He holds a note up to the glass.  “PTSD, depression, ADHD, obsessive compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder,” the note reads.  I hold up my response to the glass: “When you were on the streets of Eugene, what were your daily symptoms?” Continue reading 


The perils and joys of owning an alpaca

I own a tiny grey alpaca named Shimmer. I bought her for $250 two winters ago and she hasn’t stopped costing me money since. I’m building a small fiber business, selling Oregon yarn and hand knits online. I’m about wool. One year into my ambitious little alpaca fiber program, I thought Shimmer would be 1) pregnant by now 2) friendlier to me and 3) well … friendlier to me.  Continue reading