Why I’m Going to PRIDE

Because of Orlando. Because just yesterday I reverted and referred to my wife as “my partner.”  Because my gay friend’s 70-year-old lesbian sister has yet to come out of the closet. Because lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are the most likely           targets of hate crimes. Because Skye Mockabee, 26, found dead in a parking lot in Cleveland, Ohio, July 30 is the 17th transgender woman of color murdered in the U.S. this year.  Continue reading 

Chicken Slacks

Off a major thoroughfare, the freshly painted storefront sits at one end of a well-lit parking lot, next door to a busy Dari Mart. A graying couple exits their parked Corolla, license plate registration sticker current. They hold hands, gold wedding bands glinting, as they cross the tarmac and push open the lobby door. They’re greeted by a friendly receptionist and ushered into the sales room. Continue reading 

Dumping the Bucket

New Year’s resolutions come and go and come back around again. I can’t even count how many times I’ve vowed to improve my eating, exercise and money management habits. Oh, I’ve made progress — I’m gluten free, walking daily and out of debt — for now, anyway. There’s always room for backsliding. So I guess those same old resolutions will be with me (and most other New Year’s resolution makers) again for 2016. Boring, right? Continue reading 

Progress By the Inch

Once again, at this time in the month of November In the mood of Thanksgiving I stop and remember To offer my thanks for the good things in life  Like my health and my freedom, my cat and my wife   I’m thankful of course for the freedom to marry Which we won back in June — by one vote (kinda scary) The judges supreme made it clear, five to four That we can’t deny people this right anymore   There’s still some resistance, just look at Kim Davis Continue reading 

Why I’m Going to Pride

I’m proud of my peeps. You know who I mean, all of us who are lesbian/ gay/ bi/ trans/ intersex/ two-spirit/ asexual/ pansexual/ queer/ questioning and allies who have been living, working and fighting for our full equal rights and the freedom to — don’t be shocked by this — be ourselves. Continue reading