Pokémon Players Aren’t Pumping Up Businesses

Grouping couches together, chilling racks of beer, lighting coals for the grill. These aren’t preparations for the neighborhood potluck. They’re what some people have done to get comfortable for playing hours of Pokémon Go on a downtown street corner. While some stores are seeing an increase in foot traffic, that hasn’t translated into a similar increase in profitable business.  Continue reading 

Horses That Heal

RideAble’s equestrian therapy program for special needs changes lives

Monica Liles takes a client out for a ride.

Seventeen-year-old Courtney Scott stands by the arena at a well-maintained stable in Goshen, a few miles southeast of Eugene. She’s on crutches, her left leg in a cast due to stress fractures from dancing, but her eyes sparkle as she waits for her horse to be brought out for her to ride. The crutches make her weekly ride a little more challenging, but Scott doesn’t care.  Continue reading