Northern Travel: The Meaning of a Place

In this week’s What’s Happening Podcast, visit a story from our Northern Travel issue — EW News Reporter Kelly Kenoyer’s history with Ketchikan, Alaska. This episode is straight-forward audio storytelling with Kenoyer narrating the experiences she’s had with her family in Ketchikan, but more broadly, this story is about what a certain place can mean to a person, and a family. To read Kenoyer’s full story, and other northern travel-related stories that layout trips to Vancouver Island, Wyoming and the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, read our full Northern Travel issue out Thursday, Oct. 5, in a red EW box near you, or online at

Music in this episode includes:

– “Say Something” by Ryan Little
– “失われた未来を求めて (In Search of the Lost Future)” by Julie Maxwell’s Piano Music
– “Magnificent” by Elbow

This podcast was produced by Meerah Powell. Story and voicing are by Kelly Kenoyer with additional voicing by Rick Levin.

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