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The First Friday ArtWalk begins at Pacific Rim Art Guild at 5:30 with tours by Eugene’s “raining” Slug Queen Eugenia Slimesworth. Trygve Faste is the the First Friday ArtTalk speaker, who will speak at 6pm at 942 Olive Street, and the West African Cultural Arts Institute Dance performance will take place in Kesey Square from 5:30-6:15 pm. 


Don Dexter “The Secret Forest” photographs by Bob Keefer. 2233 Willamette

Fairbanks Gallery Works by OSU faculty members Julia Bradshaw & Anna Fidler through Nov. 2. OSU, Corvallis

Gallery Calapooia Works by fiber artist Pat Spark & illustrator Melissa Babcock Saylor featured artists for Oct. 222 1st, Albany

Karin Clark Gallery Olga Volchkova, paintings. 760 Willamette 

Kenneth B Art Studios JoAnn Chartier Artist Reception, 2-4pm, Oct. 8. 1458 1st St., Florence

Morning Glory Café “The Middle Ground,” photographs of rural decal and renewal by Jason Rydquist through Dec. 15. 450 Willamette 

O’Brien Photo “Oregon Aspects: In the Antiquarian Avant-garde Manner” by Harry B. Houchins. 2833 Willamette

Oakshire “Sharden Killmore Dark Art Collection,” oil on canvas embellished with flies by Sharden Killmore through Oct. 28. 207 Madison

Pacific Rim Art Guild “Fall Colors,” oils, acrylics and watercolor paintings by Marie Sherman, calligraphy/watercolor paintings by Kay Beckham and oil landscapes and abstracts by Yvonne Stubbs. 160 E Broadway

WOW Hall OGG Local Clay Mask Contest, voters choose the best glass, ceramic and best in show. 291 W. 8th


3 Dimension Studio & Gallery A private studio and gallery housing a unique selection of sculpture. 269 W. 8th

A-3 Works by Brynna Hendrick. 615 Main

Alexi Era Gallery “Ancient 

Kingdoms” an exhibition inspired by Ancient Egypt and “Look Me in the Eye” an exhibition supporting the Look Me in the Eye advocacy campaign in gallery II.  245 W. 8th

American Institute of Architects “People’s Choice Awards,” showcasing outstanding architecture & landscape architecture projects. 44 W. Broadway

The Arts Center Kaitlyn Carr, Navigating Race and Ethnicity, mono prints and collages. 700 SW Madison, Corvallis

Backstreet Gallery Works by Karen Nichols, multimedia artist. 1421 Bay, Florence

Bagel Sphere Chakra Paintings by Sophie Navarro. 810 Willamette 

Barn Light East “The Forest & the Field” by Benjamin Terrell. 545 E. 8th

Broadway Commerce Center “Living Threads” photography of 50 villages in Oaxaca, Mexico by Eric Mindling and upstairs “Sacred Seeds,” an art exhibition in honor of Flordemayo. 44 Broadway

Café Soriah “Access: Greek Isle” by R. Atencio. 384 W. 13th

Chessman Gallery “Aquatic” by LCCC members. 540 NE. Hwy 101, Lincoln City

Claim 52 @ Abbey Photographs by Thomas Moser. 418 A 

Claim 52 Brewing Blunt Graffix Studio Art Show. 1030 Tyinn

Cowfish Paintings by Jayme Vineyard, music by Roger Woods Quartet at 6:30pm. 245 W. 8th

DLF Pickseed Warehouse A Grass Seed Warehouse Wall Sprouts Artwork, Art in Rural Communities Project, works by Gale Everett and Bonnie Meltzer through November. 838 W 1st, Corvallis

Dot Dotson’s Scott Rooker, Photographer, Color Landscapes through Oct. 13. 1668 Willamette

David Joyce Gallery “Taking Flight: A Visual Voyage,” highlighting Eugene Airport’s iconic “flying people.” LCC campus

Ditch Projects Works by Julian Rogers & Peter Burr. 303 S. 5th, Spfd

Eugene Public Library “OSLP Arts & Culture Program Open Studio Workshops on display through October. 100 W10th Ave

Eugene Yoga “Flowers: Up Close and Personal” photography of the inner beauty of flowers by Charles H. Jones. 245 E Broadway 

Euphoria Chocolate Company Work by Emily Chaison Morales. 964 Willamette 

Excelsior Works by Marilyn Odland, Ellen Morrow, Samantha Hickman & Margaret Godfrey. 754 E. 13th

Gallery Calapooia Works by Marylin Lindsley, Nancy Anderson and Pam Serra-Wenz featured artists for Sept. 222 1st, Albany

Gilt+gossamer “The Art of Sisters” abstract watercolors by Lynn Story Taylor and ceramics of faces by Dianne Story Cunningham. 837 Willamette 

Giustina Gallery “Loosely Bound: A Ten Tear Creative Journey” by Nancy Bryant & Cheryl Jordan. OSU, Corvallis

Goldworks Jewelry Art Studio Original jewelry by Goldworks staff. 169 E. Broadway 

Growler Underground Paintings by Patti McNutt. 521 Main, Spfd

Hallie Ford Museum “Nelson Sandgren: An Artist’s Life.” Willamette University, Salem

Harlequin Beads & Jewelry Jewelry by local artists. 1027 Willamette 

Hi-Fi “Art Prehistoric” by Hilllo. 44 E. 7th

Horsehead Wood designs by Glenn Jones. 99 W. Broadway

Hult Center Studio ArtCore Pop-Up Exhibit featuring student work. Hult Center

InEugene Real Estate Paintings by Christian Ives. 100 E. Broadway 

Island Park Gallery “Get Your Feet Wet: Waterscapes by Shirley Reade.” 215 W. C, Spfd.

Jamarosa Art Gallery Works by Barry LaVoie. 326 Main, Spfd

Karin Clarke Gallery “Italy 2016,” paintings by Margaret Coe. 760 Willamette 

Keven Craft Rituals Works by Keven Erika Fortner, Joslyn Alana, Jovie Belisle & Olivia Shapely, Sarah Richards & Briana Krone. 268 7th

Lane County Historical Society & Museum Native American baskets. 740 W. 13th

LaSells Stewart Center Art about agriculture. OSU, Corvallis

LaVerne Krause Gallery “I Stay to the End” BFA final art exhibition. UO

Lincoln Gallery Artists from OSLP Arts & Culture program. 309 W. 4th

Maude Kerns Art Center  “Fast Forward: The Mayor’s Teen Art Show” through Sept. 30. 1910 E. 15th

Mills International Center “Transcendence” by Cammy Davis, Calen Picks & Chris Foster. UO

Morning Glory Café “Mushroom Art,” exhibit. 450 Willamette 

Mosaic Fair Trade Collection Hand-made salvaged wood furniture and fair trade wine tastings. 28 E. Broadway 

Mulligan’s Pub Works by Manu. 2841 Willamette

Museum of Natural & Cultural History “Strung Together: Beads, People & History”; “Explore Oregon: 300 Million Years of Northwest Natural History”; “Oregon: Where Past is Present: 10,000-year-old shoes & other wonders”; “The Owl & the Woodpecker.” UO

Nephos Vape Werks Animal portraits by Johnmichael Lahtinen. 126 W. Broadway

Newport Visual Arts Center “Rick Bartow: A Community Collection.” 777 NW. Beach, Newport

Ninkasi Works by Dana Haggerty. 272 Van Buren

Noisette Pastry Kitchen “Japanese Accents” a collection of black and white photographs of Japan’s sacred landscapes by Noah Guadagni. 200 E. Broadway 

Odd Fellows Lodge Oil, watercolor & pencil paintings & drawings by Leanne Miller. 342 Main, Spfd

Oregon Art Supply Paintings by Shannon Rivers and Morgan Maurer. 1020 Pearl Street 

Oregon Research Institute Works by Matt Hudkins. 1776 Millrace Dr

Oregon Wine LAB Works by Julia Holtzman and Kyle Rudd. 488 Lincoln

OSU Little Gallery Eileen Hinckle, an exhibit of photographs of murals painted by artist. Corvallis

Out On A Limb Gallery “Poppy-land” Showcase of acrylic paintings by Mila Murphy. 191 E Brodaway

Pacific Sky Exhibitions “Meander” by Patrick Beaulieu & Victoria Stanton. 180 W. 12th

Passionflower Design “Artful Paper Clay” book debut by local artist Rogene Mañas. 128 E Broadway

Petersen Barn Art show & reception works by over 30 artists. 870 Berntzen Rd

Raven Frameworks “Small Pleasures” by Anne Korn & Terry Way. 325 W. 4th

Reality Kitchen Oil paintings by John Olsen. 645 River

Red Wagon Creamery “Ask Questions,” work by Cole Kastner. 55 Broadway

Shadowfox Artwork by Pancoast. 76 W Broadway

Springfield Museum Springfield High School Art Exhibit. 590 Main, Spfd

St. Vincent de Paul Works by upcycle artist Mitra DeMirza Chester and glass artists Christopher Jenkins.  100 E. 11th 

Starlight Lounge Paintings by Jody Hancock. 830 Olive

Studio #7 Works by Alex Ihnat. 1002 W. 2nd

Territorial Wine Co. Works by Nancy Frances Cheeseman. 907 W. 3rd

Townshend’s Teahouse Original art. 41 W. Broadway

Vistra Framing & Gallery “Photos of Oregon,” by Edward J. Pabor. 160 E. Broadway 

Wandering Goat “RoadKill” pen and ink works by Alex Lahmann through Oct. 27. 268 Madison

Watershed Arts at Fertilab “In the Stillness,” featuring minimalist, abstract words by Wesley Hurd and Allison Hyde. 44 W 7th

The Wayward Lamb Works by Marlis Badalich & Sam Gehrke. 150 W. Broadway

Whirled Pies “The Abstract Mandalas of Tom Gettys.” 1123 Monroe 

Whiteaker Tattoo Collective Illuminated Botanicals by Violette & Rose w/Sharden Killmore’s Dead Fly Art. 245 Van Buren

White Lotus Gallery Journeys: Drawings and Paintings by Li Tie through Oct. 18. 767 Willamette

Willamalane Adult Activity Center Work by Beverly Egli. 215 W. C, Spfd

Wise Turtle Acupuncture “Owl & Rabbit” by Alysse Hennesey. 500 Main, Spfd

WOW Hall Works by Perry Johnson. 291 W. 8th

Yankee Built Works by Emily Proudfoot. 857 Willamette

Calendar Submission Guidelines:

Calendar publication days are every Thursday. Due date for the calendar is the Thursday before the Thursday issue in which you would like your event published. Our What's Happening calendar is an eight-day calendar, Thursday to Thursday, while our music listings calendar is a seven-day calendar, Thursday to Wednesday. 

Example: If your event happens on Wednesday, Aug. 20, your listing would appear in our Aug. 14 issue, and the listing would be due to the calendar editor on Thursday, Aug. 7. Events that happen on Thursdays may be listed in two issues if the listing is submitted on time.

To facilitate organizing our calendar listings, please send your information as text in the body of the email  to, and attach only pertinent photos as high resolution jpg files, 1MB or larger. Attaching high resolution pictures greatly increases your chances of getting featured in our weekly calendar.

Sending information mixed with images descriptions, formatting and attachments makes locating the information difficult for our calendar writers, so please send all information in text, at the top of your message. Label all photos with the name of what is pictured or the event.

At the bottom of the email feel free to add extra information and details in case we can expand on your listing a little.

The closer you are to our listing format, the better the chance of your listing getting in the way you want it!


The calendar lists free events and special events that charge admission. We list workshops under $15. 

The What's Happening Calendar no longer accepts submissions regarding music; please submit these in a separate email to the Music Listings calendar  outlined below.

To list in our calendar: Place the date (example: July 15, 2014)  in the subject line of your message. 

At the top of the message, include briefly and without extra description:

Event name, time, location, address and cost.

Refer to our online calendar listings for the format. For times, am and pm are always lowercased, and we use & instead of and. 

Some examples are:

Gatherings Eugene Astronomical Society, star party, 7:30pm, College Hill Reservoir, 24th & Lawrence. FREE.

Lectures Brown Bag: “Water Pollution Control Issues in China,” Zhuoni Wanh, 12pm, 103 Gerlinger Hall, UO Campus. 346-1521. FREE.


MUSIC LISTINGS lists music events that happen at regular venues.

Place the date in the subject line of your message. 

At the top of the message, include briefly and without extra description:

Your venue and its address

What performer– time; Genre, the cost.

Use & for and. 

Some examples are:

Sam Bond's Alpha Dalia–8; CD release, rock, n/c

Cozmic Pirate Radio–9; Punk, $5 

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