Pressed Into Beautiful Service

Twin Ravens Press preserves an ancient art

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Anybody with a Pinterest account can attest that the holidays are no longer about giving the perfect gift — they’re about the gift-wrap, tag and greeting cards that go along with it. If the mundane store-bought cards won’t quite make the cut this year, you’re in luck. The beautiful letterpress holiday greeting cards from Eugene’s own Twin Ravens Press, available at Out On A Limb Gallery, are sure to satisfy the inner Martha Stewart in anyone. Continue reading 

Locals Only

Unique Eugene shops are more than just a motto

Goldworks owner Erin Murphy and Sarah Ball. Kim Still (right).

You’ve probably noticed the logo, displayed proudly across the advertisements and storefronts of 22 local retailers. Maybe it looked like an affirmation of the area we live in, a sort of twist on “Keep Eugene Weird.” But “Unique Eugene” is more than just a motto. It’s a network and a movement with the intention of sharing their “collective goodwill in the community,” as their member application puts it.  Continue reading 

Pottery Abounds at Holiday Market

Give something festive, useful and beautiful

Ceramics by Denise Davis

Saturday Market’s annual Holiday Market has long been the place for arts and crafts aficionados, and among the eclectic mixture of creative gift ideas is an array of potters with their own spin on ceramics. David Parry, Denise Davis and Ziggy Blum all have a singular journey into the world of clay in addition to unique styles, adding to the zest of the festive, welcoming atmosphere.  Continue reading