Warm Springs Canoe Family

Healing from historical traumas

People have had an intimate relationship with water. Not only is it our bodies’ life source and without it nothing on Earth could grow, but also it has been utilized as a means of transportation all over the world prior to industrialization. Our waterways were once our highways. All across North America varying kinds of canoes were tailored to fit the type of water they would be used on. These canoe-carving skills were acquired through years of trial and error and passed down through family lineage. The canoe was a vessel for transport and an essential part of our everyday lives. Continue reading 

Idle No More

Utmost appreciation, respect and solidarity to our First Nations brothers and sisters in Canada and the Idle No More movement (from a Native under U.S. occupation)

It seemed to happen overnight. A new uprising for Indigenous rights and environmental justice has begun. Most of us heard about it through social media first. Flash mob Round Dance videos uploaded to YouTube of First Nations in Canada reclaiming public spaces to send their message of un-honored treaties have now reached all four corners of the globe. Solidarity rallies all over the U.S. have been held and have spread to as far as Egypt, New Zealand, Palestine, England and Norway. Continue reading