Summer Cocktails

A product of the EW Advertising Dept.   The Eugene Cocktail Muddled mint & lemon with a healthy portion of Oregon made whiskey, Genesis Juice Hibiscus Cooler. Topped with sparkling water and garnished with lemon and mint. Cornucopia 2 Locations: 295 W. 17th and 5th & Pearl        Continue reading 

2014: A Beer Odyssey

Eugene’s craft beer scene is out of this world, and Eugene’s biggest brewery, Ninkasi Brewing Company, is ready to make that figurative statement literal. On July 15, the Civilian Space eXploration Team (CSXT) will launch its second rocket into space, carrying 16 strains of brewer’s yeast as part of its cargo. Ninkasi CEO Nikos Ridge says that to his knowledge, it’s the first brewing experiment involving ingredients that have traveled to space, and the first step toward brewing beer in space. Continue reading 

Beer Breakdown

Craft beer for beginners

Mike Codlin. Photo by Trask Bedortha.

While tap lists at local bars and breweries seem to range from elusive to overwhelming with not much in between, choosing a beer can be a daunting task. With new craft creations, a multitude of IPAs vying for attention and beer pairing taking a seat at the table, it’s an intimidating, brave new world. So if you’re new to the brewery scene and playing catch up on the craft beer revolution, EW is bringing you the basics with Mike Coplin of 16 Tons Taphouse as our cicerone (aka a beer sommelier).  Continue reading