Hop to It

Oregon researchers seek to produce new varieties of hops

OSU hop breeder Shaun Townsend prepares to dry hops in Corvallis. Photo by Lynn Ketchum of Oregon State University.

In 1981, when Philomath hops purveyor David Wills first started tinkering with home brewing, “microbrew” was a burgeoning term, and not all that familiar to Oregonian ears.  The hops available to home brewers at that time were “really ugly,” Wills says. “I thought hops were supposed to be brown, and it wasn’t until I visited the USDA Hop Research Farm that I realized hops are actually green.” Continue reading 

Growl It Out

Growler Underground celebrates one year of filling up downtown Springfield

Owner David Platt mans the taps at Growler Underground. Photo by Todd Cooper.

Downtown Eugene isn’t the only urban core in the area experiencing a revival — downtown Springfield is undergoing a resurgence as well.  “I’ve been a craft beer aficionado for a long time,” says David Platt, owner and founder of Growler Underground located at 521 Main St.   “I was watching what was happening downtown,” Platt adds. “With both downtown [Springfield] on the rise and this sort of business on the rise, I thought the two would work well together.” Continue reading