One Chill Panda

When Gold Panda’s down-tempo electronica seeps into your ears, it can resurrect the feelings of being a small child sitting in the backseat during a road trip where your only possessions are a pair of headphones and the window-framed view of the world as it passes by in a whirl. The British producer, also known as Derwin, has distinguished himself from the hyper-amped electronic dance music crowd by producing mellow yet stimulating sample-based grooves — entrancing without the trance. Continue reading 

Creating a Culture of Critique

One year in, Eugene Contemporary Art pushes past local art scene’s status quo

Down by the railroad tracks that carve through the Whiteaker, graffiti art colors the walls of buildings. A large piece spray painted in white advises its audience to “Read up!” but it’s the paint drippings below that inspired local artist Josh Sands. “I saw the paint under the graffiti and thought, ‘Can I take graffiti paint and make something out of it?” he says. Continue reading 

8-Track Minds

The Analog Resurgence Tour comes to Luckey’s

Music nerds of Eugene unite! For all of you who raid House of Records looking for deleted Smiths singles and original (not rereleased) Frank Zappa albums, who own vinyl, cassette, CD and 8-track copies of the same album and especially for those who caught the High Fidelity reference, the time has come to commence under the roof of the Analog Resurgence Tour at Luckey’s on Thursday, Sept. 5. Running the show are two longtime members of underground DIY music culture, Russ Forster and Skizz Cyzyk. Continue reading 

Kaleidoscope Roundup

Eugene, prepare yourself for three days of peace, music and heavy bass. The first-ever Kaleidoscope Music Festival launches Friday, Aug. 23, at Emerald Meadows in the foothills of Mount Pisgah. Peer into a lens swirling with a colorful collection of art, nature, food and, most importantly, music. With 87 acts, there’s a little something for everyone. (Bass)Headliners  Continue reading 

Living Room Acoustic

For certain musicians, the large venue and bustling crowd of commercial concerts can detract from their performance, so some are opting for a cozier space: your living room. Living room concerts are growing in popularity, partially due to their ability to change the dynamic between the artist and the fan. Indie rocker Damien Jurado prefers the couches and carpets of people’s homes to stadium seating. “They’re more intimate and I can connect with my fans in a better way,” he says. Continue reading 

Bats and Birds

The drive from San Francisco to Portland is more than 600 miles, and the inspiration to keep moving can range from energy drinks to mix CDs, but for Eric D. Johnson, frontman for the indie rockers Fruit Bats, the inspiration is Eugene’s Fisherman’s Market. “That is one of my favorite places ever,” he says. “I often find myself doing these really long, crazy, balls-out San Francisco-to-Portland drives all the time. That’s like my treat to myself on the home stretch. Continue reading 

Stage Hand

Local and Northwest bands flock to celebrate Block Party

Like any good block party, the Whiteaker Block Party has much to satisfy the aural senses — perhaps too much for one person to make sense of, and thus here are some (stage) handy picks to check out on this wet, hot American summer day and night. But be a good community member and check out all the stages — Blair Alley, Slash and Burn, Hostel, Uncle Brad’s Secret Stage, Territorial — and get to know your neighbors.   G-spot Stage Continue reading