Living Room Acoustic

For certain musicians, the large venue and bustling crowd of commercial concerts can detract from their performance, so some are opting for a cozier space: your living room. Living room concerts are growing in popularity, partially due to their ability to change the dynamic between the artist and the fan. Indie rocker Damien Jurado prefers the couches and carpets of people’s homes to stadium seating. “They’re more intimate and I can connect with my fans in a better way,” he says.

The Seattleite and established songwriter has been producing multilayered indie folk since he was signed to Sub Pop Records in the mid ’90s, and now you can hear him live in a place that best fits his soft, melancholic woes; Jurado only requires a chair and a sea of ears to transform a stranger’s living room into a cozy playground of acoustic harmonies.

Jurado has been developing and reshaping his craft since the release of his 1997 debut, Waters Ave. S. Never afraid to mix around his sound, Jurado effortlessly switches between electric and acoustic guitar and alternates between playing solo or with a light rock band. His voice is reminiscent of Will Oldham aka Bonnie “Prince” Billy, and his strumming recalls acts such as Iron & Wine and Vetiver. In 2002, Jurado left Sub Pop for the independent label Secretly Canadian, where he has continuously churned out records filled with rich, dark lyrics sung with a solemn sensibility, like his latest Maraqopa (2012). The A.V. Club said of the album: “Fittingly, Maraqopa finally puts Jurado in a position to shine.” Next up is a guest spot on Moby’s latest album out Sept. 30. So snag a spot on the floor and watch this rain-soaked troubadour shine.

Damien Jurado plays 8 pm Friday, Aug. 9, at an undisclosed living room; $20. For tickets and more information, visit

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