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Eugene Weekly exists to boldly question prevailing wisdom and authority. We expose corporate practices and public policies that benefit the few at the expense of the many. We provide a voice for the oppressed and dismissed, and support unfettered artistic expression. As informed citizens, we carry a responsibility for community leadership. We advocate aggressively for environmental sanity, government accountability, sustainable economics, social justice, cultural diversity, tolerance, and the lively, free interchange of ideas and opinions. We also seek to provide employment, training and a supportive work environment for Eugene’s most creative writers, artists, photographers, graphic designers, salespeople, office workers and managers.

Call 541-484-0519 to talk to anyone from EW.

For news tips contact Editor Camilla Mortensen with a detailed message specifying exactly what the possible news story is. You can also contact Camilla Mortensen for Slant tips, Biz Beat, Activist Alert, Happening People and to submit an editorial viewpoint.

Letters to the editor should be less than 250 words, preferably 200 words, and sent to along with your address and phone number or valid contact information to verify who you are. We welcome letters on all topics and will print as many as space allows, though do we exercise discretion over what we print in our pages while retaining the voice of community members. Letters will be copy edited for grammar and spelling and check for factual accuracy when possible. We give priority given to timely local issues, responses to articles and letters in EW and letters received before Friday at 5 pm. While critiques are welcome, letters should avoid personal attacks and hate speech is not tolerated. Please send your letter in the body of your email. For those who prefer not to use email, fax to 541-484-4044 or mail to 1251 Lincoln, Eugene 97401. We recognize there many people EW and the community need to hear from who do not have access to a computer, and encourage you to write to us, just know that if we have to re-type your letter for you, it may slightly delay publication. Send guest viewpoints to and check out some tips for writing them here.

For the arts — music, film, visual arts, theater etc. — contact Arts Editor Bob Keefer.

Got a hot food or restaurant tip? Email our Chow Editor.

To submit your event to the What’s Happening Calendar go here and drop our calendar editor an email at if you have questions.

Tip: If you have an event you want in the Weekly, submit it to our What’s Happening calendar and if you think it warrants a story, email it to an arts or news editor.

Are you a writer? We love writers, and we take freelance submissions! We’ll even pay you for music previews, news stories, cover features and more. If you want to write for EW send a us a pitch via an inquiry email, with a couple clips of your writing, to Go here for our full freelance and submission policy. Are you a student or developing writer? Contact Camilla Mortensen  about our internship program and for application and program details, go here.

Please send photographic and illustration inquiries to our Art Director Todd Cooper.

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Contributing Editor  Anita Johnson
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Interns Jessica Douglas, Renata Geraldo, Donny Morrison, Jade Jamazaki Stewart

Art Director/Production Manager Todd Cooper
Senior Designer Sarah Decker,
Graphic Artists Chelsea Lovejoy

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