Internships at Eugene Weekly

How to apply to be an EW intern

Internships! We have them!

(This post is current 2023-2024.)

Eugene Weekly welcomes news and arts intern applications. The program is designed to fit into a school schedule and provides the opportunity to publish in a newspaper with 32,000 print circulation and a combined print/online circulation of more than 80,000 readers.

EW interns have gone on to Snowden and Wall Street Journal internships and jobs at The Oregonian, CNN, Portland Mercury, The New York Times, The Daily Astorian, Bend Bulletin, High Country News, The Register-Guard and more — and of course at EW itself. EW intern stories have won awards competing against full-time journalists.

An internship with Eugene Weekly means writing news stories, features or music reviews as well as the chance to write in-depth pieces and to pitch (and write) a cover-length feature.Interns have interviewed everyone from political candidates to nationally touring pop stars.

EW‘s internship is designed to give interns an education on general journalism, writing on deadline, writing for an alt weekly and working at a news source. Interns get feedback on their pieces throughout the writing process, and editing and proofreading experience of their own. The focus of our intern program is on getting students the clips and experience they need to get jobs in the competitive and ever-changing journalism world. We work with our interns’ school and work schedule and schedule intern hours accordingly. We also ply you with coffee, snacks and random swag when available.

Internship applications are accepted quarterly and on a rolling basis (in other words it’s fine to apply late or early). Interns should have taken Reporting 1 or have the equivalent training in basic interviewing skills, writing and the ethics of journalism as those with reporting basics will get the most out of the internship. That said, this is an educational internship intended to mentor writers and develop their skills.

General opening dates for applications are below, but interested applicants can apply at any time, as long as they state which terms they are interested in.

• Dec. 1 for internships starting winter term. Interviews generally take place early December before break and early January when school begins after break.

• Feb. 10 for internships starting spring term. Interviews generally take place late February and early March.

• April  10 for internships starting summer term. Interviews generally take place late April  May, but since students often do not know their summer schedule, we take applications and interview well into June.

• Sept. 10 for internships starting fall term.

Internships run the equivalent of two 10-week terms spring-summer, summer-fall, fall-winter etc. Interns are asked to come in to the office once a week for two hours during the work day and can expect to do about eight more hours a week doing interviews, writing etc. out of the office. If COVID or other circumstances become an issue we meet remotely.

We structure the internship to take about as much time as a class and not interfere with your coursework, job or other commitments (or even vacation time). Interns receive a $300 stipend upon completion of the program, which is writing five to 10 news or features and a cover feature or the equivalent. Students who are not able to complete are still eligible for a portion of the stipend.

We are looking for interns in the areas of hard news, environment reporting, politics, sports, arts, music and more. Interns will be asked to write in areas outside of their speciality to assure a well-rounded experience. Ideal interns are dedicated, timely, love journalism, take edits well, fun and willing to throw themselves into a story.

To apply please send an email with “EW internship application” in the subject line with a cover letter introducing yourself and specifically addressing what area of journalism you’d like to work in (news, arts etc.,) and why, a resume that lists work and journalism related background, including coursework, and three clips (articles written for class are fine) to Feel free to supply references as well.