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Mission Statement

Eugene Weekly exists to boldly question prevailing wisdom and authority. We expose corporate practices and public policies that benefit the few at the expense of the many. We provide a voice for the oppressed and dismissed, and support unfettered artistic expression. As informed citizens, we carry a responsibility for community leadership. We advocate aggressively for environmental sanity, government accountability, sustainable economics, social justice, cultural diversity, tolerance, and the lively, free interchange of ideas and opinions. We also seek to provide employment, training and a supportive work environment for Eugene’s most creative writers, artists, photographers, graphic designers, salespeople, office workers and managers.

Call (541) 484-0519 to talk to anyone from EW.

For news tips contact Editor Camilla Mortensen. You can also contact Camilla Mortensen for Slant tips, Biz Beat, Happening People and to submit an editorial viewpoint.

Letters to the editor should be fewer than 200 words and sent to letters@eugeneweekly.com along with your full name, address and phone number for our files. We welcome letters on all topics and will print as many as space allows, with priority given to letters on timely local issues received before Friday at 5 pm. We prefer letters written in the body of the email, not attachments, that have not also been submitted elsewhere. Local letter writers are given priority and we limited letter writers to one print letter a month. For those who prefer not to use email, fax to 484-4044 or mail to 1251 Lincoln, Eugene 97401.

For the arts — music, film, visual arts, theater etc. — contact our Arts Editor at bob@eugeneweekly.com

Got a hot food or restaurant tip? Email us for Chow, our quarterly food issue at chow@eugeneweekly.com

To submit your event to the What’s Happening Calendar go to the calendar guidelines here or drop Calendar Editor Meerah Powell an email at cal@eugeneweekly.com for more info.

Tip: If you have an event you want in the Weekly, send it both the What's Happening Calendar and to the editor and arts editor. See the list below for useful email addresses.

Are you a writer? We love writers, and we take freelance submissions! We’ll even pay you for music previews, news stories, cover features and more. If you want to write for EW send a us a pitch via an inquiry email, with a couple clips of your writing, to editor@eugeneweekly.com. Go here for our full freelance and submission policy. Are you a student or developing writer? Contact Camilla Mortensen  about our internship program and for application and program details, go here.

Please send photographic and illustration inquiries to our Art Director Todd Cooper.

Want to run an ad? Contact our sales team ads@eugeneweekly.com.

Didn’t find who you were looking for? Go to our masthead below for a full listing of our staff and contributing writers as well as contacts for book reviews, advertising and more.



Editor  Camilla Mortensen
Arts  Editor Bob Keefer
Calendar Editor Meerah Powell
News Reporter Corinne Boyer
Staff Writers Rick LevinKelly Kenoyer
Contributing Editor  Anita Johnson 

Contributing Writers  Brett Campbell, Rachael Carnes, Tony Corcoran, Jerry Diethelm, Rachel Foster, Kayla Godowa Tufti, Anna Grace, Mark Harris, Daemion Lee, Jeslyn Lemke, Paul Neevel, William Kennedy, Kelsey Anne Rankin, Vanessa Salvia, Sally Sheklow, Lance Sparks,  Molly Templeton, Andy Valentine,  David Wagner

Interns  Kianna Cabuco. Jordan Rich

Art Director/Production Manager Todd Cooper
Technology/Webmaster James Bateman
Graphic Artists Trask Bedortha, Sarah Decker
Social Media Athena Delene
Happening People Paul Neevel

Director of Advertising Rob Weiss
Display Marketing Consultant   Lori Rarey
Display Marketing Consultant  Carrie Mizejewski
Classified Manager Kerry Gibson-Schafer

Business/HR Manager
Dagmar Conventz
Circulation Manager Richard Hunt
Distributors Gwen Bailey, Bob Becker, Mike Goodwin, James Kalafus, Liz Levin, Trey Longstreth, Fred McCord, Pedaler's Express, Janet Peitz, Quick Draw Distributing

Printing Signature Graphics


(food): chow@eugeneweekly.com

(letters): letters@eugeneweekly.com

(advertising): ads@eugeneweekly.com

(classifieds): classy@eugeneweekly.com

(I Saw You): isawyou@eugeneweekly.com

(calendar): cal@eugeneweekly.com

(music/clubs/special shows): music@eugeneweekly.com

(art/openings/galleries): visualarts@eugeneweekly.com

(performance/theater): performance@eugeneweekly.com

(literary arts/readings): books@eugeneweekly.com

(movies/film screenings): movies@eugeneweekly.com

(circulation): distribution@eugeneweekly.com

EUGENE, OR 97401

541-484-0519 • FAX 541-484-4044

EW subscriptions: send name, address and check to 1251 Lincoln St., Eugene, OR 97401-3418. $25/3 mos. $45/6 mos. $85/12 mos.