Natural Aesthetic

Mari Livie is more than a talented local artist; she is an advocate for the residents of Eugene. From her beginnings, sewing at home, to her tenure spent studying ceramics at the UO, Livie has always exuded the spirit of creativity and an appreciation for the environment. 

“The natural world is a really indispensible part of my life and happiness,” Livie says. “I want to help increase the person’s relationship with the natural world.”

Livie’s style incorporates intricately sewn pieces of art that draw inspiration from Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s use of color and Lars Vilks’ incorporation of driftwood. Livie admires both artists’ way of “bridging the world of architecture and art.” She says she appreciates the excitement she sees in their observation of nature, and she uses that inspiration to create her own relationships among cloth, clay, beads and nature.

Livie is currently working on a series showcasing vegetables, called “Garden,” using her passion for the unprocessed food movement as motivation. “The beet and the carrot, the banana and the orange, are the perfect package,” Livie states, when describing the values she tries to convey through her art. Livie and her work are a fitting representation of the Eugenean lifestyle, championing both health and a close relationship with nature.

Livie acknowledges that producing art can be an isolating experience, but by creating works that speak to her community, she says she is able to feel connected and help connect others.

Livie’s show, Bird’s Eye View, is currently up at Eco Sleep Solutions. For more info, go to