Exclusion Zone

The EPD is beginning to release information about exclusion requests, starting with an incident we can all agree to boo and hiss at. Not all exclusions are for stabbings — we’ve been told that just damaging vegetation by playing in the park has been cause for an exclusion request. We thought it would be fun to keep track of their exclusion request press releases, so here’s the first:

On April 17, at about three in the afternoon downtown officers were dispatched to the methadone clinic at W. 7th and Lincoln where a 24-year-old man had threatened to stab others with a knife.  Officers detained the suspect, and learned what happened from the two victims and witnesses.  According to those involved, the suspect had accompanied his adult domestic partner, a 25-year-old woman, to the methadone clinic where she is a client.  The two became involved in a heated argument and she tried to walk away from him.  Two men who were in town on business approached the woman to protect her.  One of the men shielded her from the suspect who, holding a knife in his hand, threatened to cut them.  Following a verbal exchange the suspect ran from the area.  The suspect was arrested for two counts of Menacing with a knife and one count of Disorderly Conduct.

The suspect has an extensive criminal record that includes arrests for misdemeanor and felony property crimes and one charge of domestic violence.

The arresting officer requested a 90-day exclusion and a one year exclusion upon conviction for menacing and disorderly conduct.

The Suspect:



Listed home address

Extensive local record for misdemeanor and felony property crimes.

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