A Gallant Departure

Fans of San Francisco-based folk-rock duo Two Gallants: Be sure you’ve listened to their 2012 album, The Bloom and the Blight, before heading to their Eugene show. In their first album since 2007, the band’s style has changed a lot, to a more rock-heavy style than before — think Two Gallants with a dash of Black Keys. It’s good music, but don’t show up expecting a cookie cutter version of the earlier stuff.

“Sunday Souvenirs” starts the album with something reminiscent of Two Gallants’ previous ballads, but songs like “Cradle Pyre” and “Halcyon Days” punctuate The Bloom and the Blight with distorted guitar and the hail of drumfire in sharp departure from the rowdy “Las Cruces Jail.”

It’s not just the music that’s changed; the lyrics reflect songwriters who’ve gone through a lot, like a near-fatal auto accident and being chased through Houston by cops and getting Tased. While the Old-West-and-whiskey aura of previous albums was always sincere and earnest, there’s a new confidence to Two Gallants that makes the music more personal and less centered on a specific time or place.

Two Gallants and Future Twin play 8 pm Sunday, Jan. 20, at Cozmic; $10 adv., $12 door. — Shannon Finnell

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