Get Thee to a Theater!

Don’t miss these one-night-only performances

Got a case of the post-holiday blues? Then get yourself out of your undecorated home and into a theater. Playing Saturday are two one-night-only events that I’m hard-pressed to choose between.

Feeling like something honest and thought provoking? The Actors’ Table of Eugene’s next series of staged readings is centered on the theme “To Be Determined.” Local actors will read their favorite scenes and monologues examining the beauty and betrayal of that sticky virtue: determination. Carol Massahos directs the overall performance and Laura Robinson and Emily Hart direct individual scenes. Laura Robinson will be your emcee for the evening. There will be only one show, Jan. 19, at Tsunami Books.  If you have $5-$10, donate it at the door to defray costs.

Feeling like something heart-poundingly entertaining? Rock of Ages is coming to the Hult Center, a Tony-nominated homage to The Big ’80s. Sherrie, a small town girl, and Drew, born and raised in South Detroit, find love and adventure on the Sunset Strip amid rockin’ guitar licks and superstar egos. Depending on your parenting style, this could be an excellent opportunity for parents and teenage children to bond over classic pop. Plus the entire cast is super hot. Seriously, I’ve seen the promotional photos. Tickets are $35-$55 and can be purchased through the Hult Center.

Whatever your bent, get your behind off the sofa now and get some drama back into your life.