Sexiest Bartender: Summer McCarty

Jackalope Lounge

Born but not raised in Eugene, Jackalope bartender Summer McCarty returned to the Willamette Valley in ’93 from Southern Cali, bringing the sunshine with her. After graduating from high school a year early in Junction City, and living in a home that’s been in her father’s family for “over 100 years,” McCarty couch-surfed her way into Eugene residency. When she’s not helping customers down drinks, the yoga lover is doing downward dog, or spending time with her hubby and three kids.

What do you drink?

My most current would be Absolut Pineapple and a splash of soda — super simple. I’m all about vodka.

What’s your favorite drink to make?

Most bartenders would probably say they hate making Spanish coffees. I like making Spanish coffees because I like setting them on fire and the big sparks and the show. I’m all about show.

What is the sexiest drink you make?

That’s funny because we’re a sports bar so there’s not too many sexy things going on in here. I like making sweet tarts: grape and cherry vodka. It’s got a little splash of orange juice, a splash of sour, a splash of cran and black raspberry.

Do you flirt for tips?

I’m a big flirt in general. I’m a huge flirt, anyone will tell you that, in and out of work. [Laughs.]

What’s the biggest tip you’ve ever received?

I got a $50 tip on a $30 tab. Was just being myself and he was like, “I hope you have an awesome day.” I look down at the tip, and I was like, “I think I will!” [Laughs.]

What’s your best attribute?

My sense of humor. People like my corky snort, that’s when I’m really laughing hard.

What is the best or worst pick-up line you’ve heard?

I’ve heard a lot of crappy ones. A guy opened up his wallet [and said], “I’m a student. I would buy you a drink but I don’t have any money. Want to go back to my place? I got alcohol there.”

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