A Pressing Issue

EW's 2013 Uncorked

May in Oregon — a month comfortably nestled between spring and summer. The rains have ceased, the days are sunny and mild, and the nights are breezy and fresh. It’s the perfect time to pop open a pinot warmed in the modest sun or a chilled rosé, grab a blanket and relax in the grass and watch the sun sink into the cool blue valley. Or throw on a light sweater, grab a friend and head for the hills of wine country, where patios and tastings await. Better yet, pour yourself your favorite vino, sit in your favorite chair and take notes on 2013’s Uncorked. Because here in Oregon wine country, from indie vintners to women climbing the corporate vine, wine growlers to state microbes, the times they are a-changin’. 

For information about May wine tastings and events visit southwillamettewines.com or willamettewines.com

Uncorked Features:

En Vin Air
Oregon artist takes pleine air painting to the vineyards

Craft Vinting
Indie vintner Mark Nicholl brings artisanal flair to William Rose Wines

Bottle Shock
Growlers may radically change Oregon’s wine industry

Mulling the Microbe
Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a wine yeast, may become the first state microbe in Oregon

Women in Wine
More so than in beer or spirits, women are rising in the wine industry

Vintage Vineyard
Old School brings new ethos to pinot