In Search of Perfection

Whatever makes you feel beautiful is right

High cheekbones, even tans, long hair, perfect teeth, small feet, long eyelashes. The list goes on and on. What comes to your mind when I say beauty?

Everyone wants to be beautiful; few of us would wish for less than perfect skin or more fat on our bodies. The media has fabricated this idea of a perfect Barbie Doll girl and everyone tries to fit into that little box of perfection whether it’s dying their hair or wearing push up bras. But I see things a little bit differently; I see people get put down for trying to do what makes them feel beautiful. Growing up I have always been blonde, blue eyed and petite but I have fought to have clear skin since I was 12, I can’t get my hair to grow long for the life of me, and I’m barely pushing 5 foot 1 inch.

Everyone worries about their looks. Men and women all over the world worry about their looks. People of all ages and all types worry about their looks. So what do we do? We try to fix ourselves. We try to fit into that little box of perfection. We try to become that flawless person in the magazines. But the problem is for some, it is impossible to be that tall, or that tan or that skinny. It’s incredibly frustrating to me that there are people who hurt themselves over such ridiculous social constructs. There are at least 10 million people in the U.S. who suffer from a life threatening eating disorder. Forty percent of girls ages 9 and 10 report being or having been on a diet. Everyone wants to be perfect.

Marilyn Monroe was and is the icon of a sex symbol, but she was fake and that tormented her. Monroe wasn’t blonde, she reshaped her lips with makeup and went through multiple plastic surgeries for her career. The secret is that Monroe hated the person she became; the media created and destroyed her. She wasn’t the person that she wanted to be. Miley Cyrus has always stood outside the little box of perfection. She cut off her hair and the nation decided she was bad person. Miley Cyrus did what made her feel beautiful and was judged for it; the nation judged her for defying the media’s rules of beauty.

The world is full of different people. Some people want to be tan so they get a spray tan, and that’s OK. Some people want to be thin so they will diet or eat healthier, and that’s OK. Some people think short hair is beautiful and some people think long hair is beautiful. Some people like the gap in their teeth and some get braces. Whatever makes you feel beautiful is right. I encourage everyone to break out of the little box of perfection and be who you want to be. People come in all different types, it’s time we start respecting that. — Taylor Dalton

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