Southern Hospitality

Imagine what a band called Diarrhea Planet sounds like. If you’re guessing juvenile pop-punk — an auditory equivalent of a Seth Rogen movie — you’re pretty spot-on. The Nashville, Tenn.-based group’s 2013 release Loose Jewels (out now on fellow Nashville garage-rockers JEFF The Brotherhood’s label Infinity Cat Recordings) is 10 blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em nuggets of Ramones-esque punk; each track on the record clocks in at 2 minutes or under, with shouted choruses and breakneck guitar solos delivered at breathless speed. Lyrically — well, with this band the lyrics don’t matter much; with a name like Diarrhea Planet, these guys aren’t aiming to be deep or show range. But they are loud, rowdy and a hell of a lot of pogo-dancing fun.

Joining Diarrhea Planet in Eugene are the Athens, Ga.-based Futurebirds (pictured) and Akron, Ohio’s Shivering Timbers, creating an unlikely juxtaposition; while Diarrhea Planet is crass and adolescent, Futurebirds and Shivering Timbers are subtle and textured. Futurebirds play country-tinged indie rock, paying tribute to that other well-known indie band from Athens, R.E.M. Futurebirds’ 2013 release, Baba Yaga, is a moody and sparse collection, with vocalist Thomas Johnson adding authentic and melancholy southern comfort to an overall easy-goin’ and reverb-drenched jingle-jangle sound.

Fellow Ohioan Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys discovered the husband-and-wife duo Shivering Timbers, recording their first record in his Akron studio. Highlighted by vocalist Sarah Benn’s impressive alto singing voice, Shivering Timbers play simple, sultry and dark garage rock with a gospel-blues edge.

Diarrhea Planet, Futurebirds and Shivering Timbers play 9 pm Thursday, July 11, at Sam Bond’s Garage; $5.