The Boys Are Back in Town

Local-actor-made-big Eric Millegan brings his talent back to Springfield for one night only

Oliver!, 1986: The Eugene mall is home to a popular summer theater program. Eric Millegan and Josh Daugherty are having a high time in their respective roles as Oliver and the Artful Dodger, dreaming of a life in the theater.

Nearly 30 years later the dreams have become a reality. Both Millegan and Daugherty have gone on to have extensive careers in film and theater. A graduate of the University of Michigan’s renowned musical theater program, Millegan has had serious, more-than-rent-paying success in New York, but is perhaps best known for his work on the television series Bones, playing the doctor/serial killer’s assistant Zack Addy. Daugherty is quite busy in L.A., with work in television and film, and seen opposite Mel Gibson in We Were Soldiers.

This weekend Millegan is bringing it home. In addition to his other projects, he has a successful review show in his back pocket about which John Hoglund of Backstage says, “Fresh faced and as overzealous as a kid in a candy store, Eric Millegan proceeded to wow the crowd with his natural charm, good looks and enough talent to make contemporaries quit the business.”

“I would constantly hear from friends and fans in my hometown ‘When are you bringing it to Springfield?’ Once I heard about the new Wildish Theater, I saw an opportunity to do just that,” Millegan says. Millegan and his high-powered band are flying out to perform this musical review Saturday night, which will include “Standards, Barry Manilow, everything from pop to Peter, Paul and Mary.”

But this special performance will also include old friends. Daugherty will be back. “I haven’t seen him since I was at the wrap party for Bones,” Millegan notes, remembering that Daugherty was sitting between Ryan O’Neal and Farrah Fawcett. Joining them on stage are two other cast members from that long-ago production of Oliver! Eugene’s beloved Bill Furtick and Peg Major will dust off their old sheet music for the occasion. “I can’t wait to hear these people sing!” Millegan says. “This is going to be one big, fun show.”

Eric Millegan performs his cabaret show 8 pm Saturday, July 13, at the Wildish Theater, Springfield; $30.

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