Ordinary People

OCT kicks off summer with an intimate New York musical

Tony Coslett, Trevor Eichhorn, Katie Worley and Shannon Coltrane in Ordinary Days.
Tony Coslett, Trevor Eichhorn, Katie Worley and Shannon Coltrane in Ordinary Days.

Claire, Jason, Warren and Deb are just four ordinary New Yorkers, but their lives intersect in the most extraordinary ways as they search with classic longing for love and fulfillment in a very modern setting.

Ordinary Days is a contemporary musical by up-and-coming American composer Adam Gwon. According to Charles Isherwood of The New York Times, “Mr. Gwon writes crisp, fluid and often funny lyrics that reflect the racing minds of the four New Yorkers on a nervous search for their immediate futures.”

Director Craig Wills has been looking for an opportunity to stage Gwon’s work, noting that “Adam Gwon is also an enormous talent … I am certain we will be seeing his name in lights on Broadway in the very near future. He’s also a very nice guy and was thrilled to hear I was finally getting around to doing Ordinary Days.”

With only four characters, Ordinary Days is a modest musical endeavor, perfect for a small, intimate space like Oregon Contemporary Theatre. The cast includes some of my favorite musical theater performers from around town, including Tony Coslett, Trevor Eichhorn, Katie Worley and Shannon Coltrane.

“I think audiences will love this show,” Willis says. “And we seldom get to spend 90 minutes with four such beautiful voices.”

OCT regular Nathan Alef once again takes on musical direction. “I admire Nathan’s musical genius, his coaching skills,” Willis says.

Ordinary Days will be a refreshing, modern option for those who can’t quite get their groove Bach. Entertaining introspection may be just the ticket to kick off summer.

Ordinary Days runs June 12-29 at Oregon Contemporary Theatre; $15-$30, senior and student discounts available.

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