Afroman says #YesOn91, #SmokeTheVote

It’s been 13 years since Afroman released “Because I got High,” an ode about life in the slow (and forgetful) lane that could be heard defiantly wafting from many a college dorm room.

Today, via Weedmaps TV, Afroman has released a strategically timed reboot, or rather “Positive Remix,” of the ditty, which now focuses on the plants’ benefits from improving glaucoma to easing anxiety to raising money for schools. Towards the end, you’ll see hashtags for all the states who will be voting on some form of marijuana legalization come November, including Oregon, with #YesOn91 and #LegalizeOR. Measure 91 is the statewide ballot initiative that would legalize recreational marijuana use for people 21 and over, which would be regulated by the OLCC. For more information on  91, has a clear summary of what the measure entails.

In the meantime, enjoy this relaxing video.