Eyewitness Accounts of Malheur Traffic Stop and Finicum Shooting

An eyewitness is contradicting the account put out by the Bundy Bunch that LaVoy Finicum was on his knees with his hands up when shot by law enforcement. 

McConnell who says he had been personal security for Ammon Bundy says he was following the pickup truck driven by LaVoy Finicum and seeks to put rumors to rest about Finicum's death, saying he was not on his knees and he charged at law enforcement. Finicum had tried to drive away from law enforcement then ran the truck into a snowbank, according to several accounts. 

The video is on McConnell's Facebook page here.

And below, The Oregonian has made a copy available on YouTube. 

A man named Melvin Lee has posted a video as well to clarify McConnell's story. He says McConnell was not arrested with the rest of the Malheur occupiers because he had not been part of the group out at the refuge. 

Finally, Victoria Sharps a young woman who was in the car with Ammon Bundy says Finicum's hands were up.