It’s About Time – May 2016

The leaves of the cottonwood trees are now all expanded. The crown is full and gradually changing shades from a bright spring green to a tough, dark summer green. The heron nests I have been following seem to be doing well. They are now hard to see in the foliage; careful binocular study was necessary to be absolutely sure the four nests are still in place. The leaf cover doesn’t allow me to see much activity in the nest. I just have to imagine nestlings having their fish dinners delivered on a proper schedule.

Ducklings and goslings, on the other hand, are now visible and prominent in the Delta Ponds. Watching them swim around, tended by their watchful parents, is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon. It makes me think that Mother’s Day in May is a natural celebration of all nature.

Mother’s Day comes early this year, which means that the following weekend’s Wildflower Festival at the Mount Pisgah Arboretum is a little early. The wildflower show is a great place to review one’s knowledge about our spring flora. Every wildflower in bloom in Lane County will be on display.

Many of the wildflowers are introduced species brought in by settlers. A recent one at Mount Pisgah is the shining geranium. There has been considerable concern expressed about its sudden invasion. Eradication has to be impossible. We will get used to it as we did the soft geranium, which has been in our gardens for a century.