Biz Beat 8-11-2016

• Measure Your Online Marketing: Reports and Analytics 6 pm Thursday, Aug. 18, with Carol Infranca, “award-winning print and broadcast journalist, business and government marketing and public relations specialist and an authorized local expert for Constant Contact.” The workshop is FREE and takes place at the downtown Eugene Public Library at 10th and Olive. Call 541-682-5450 or visit for more information.

• This week in fast food news: McDonald’s says that “every chicken item McDonald’s serves is made from chicken not treated with antibiotics important to human medicine, including its new Chicken McNuggets.” Those new nuggets are also free of additives, the fast food giant says. It tested the nuggets at Oregon and SW Washington McDonald’s in February, and “the participating McDonald’s restaurants saw a 13 percent  lift in McNugget sales, validating just how much the consumer demands quality ingredients they can feel good about eating, even when indulging.” Meanwhile OSPIRG delivered “thousands” of petitions to KFC (aka Kentucky Fried Chicken) on Aug. 2, “urging the fried chicken giant to stop serving meat raised with the routine use of antibiotics,” saying that “antibiotic resistance is quickly becoming public enemy number one among health experts worldwide, especially true now with the recent emergence of a new “superbug” resistant to a last resort antibiotic, colistin.” The presentation featured a farmer, a nurse, a victim of antibiotic resistance and at least one volunteer in a chicken suit, OSPIRG tells EW.

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