Biz Beat 8-18-2016

• The Oregon Responsible Edibles Council announces the launch of its initial public education campaign, “Try 5.” OREC, formed in late 2015, says it “is a non-profit trade association of Oregon edible marijuana processors, with a mission of educating the public regarding the safe and responsible usage of edible marijuana products for adults 21 and over.” The Try 5 campaign “will be able to teach the public about proper dosage levels and help prevent accidental over-ingestion for consumers new to cannabis-infused edibles.” It encourages people to “know your dose” and start with no more than 5 mg of THC. To learn more about OREC and the Try 5 campaign go to

On Sunday, Aug. 14, nonprofit BRING received notice of suspicious individuals in the Seavey Loop area posing as employees. BRING says, “The report indicated that two men driving an older pickup had gone onto private property and, when confronted, claimed to be soliciting materials donations.” One man may have been wearing a shirt that said BRING on it. “BRING employees do not solicit donations from private individuals door-to-door or scout for materials in residential neighborhoods,” nor does it use private vehicles to haul large materials donations, the nonprofit recycling group says. BRING asks anyone who observes suspicious behavior to notify local law enforcement agencies immediately.

• This summer marks local brewery Ninkasi’s 10-year anniversary. In a June press release, Ninkasi said that operating under its mission to “Perpetuate Better Living,” the brewery “has grown from a two-man team to become the 36th largest craft brewery in the United States, operating entirely from its facilities in Eugene, Oregon and employing more than 100 employees.” To celebrate, Ninkasi released in July its N10, commemorative Imperial Blended Ale, with a collectible outer box, and “the iconographic artwork for N10 was crafted in collaboration with Ninkasi’s in-house art department and Portland-based muralist and artist, Blaine Fontana.” N10 is “crafted of 50 percent Imperial Stout, 10 percent Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, 12.5 percent Imperial Total Domination IPA, 12.5 percent Imperial Maiden the Shade IPA and 15 percent Critical Hit Barleywine.” To read more about it, see “The Label Makers” (6/30 issue) at