Pollution Update

$11,400 fine for Dorena Hydro

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) fined Dorena Hydro $11,400 Sept. 26 for various Clean Water Act violations associated with reduced dissolved oxygen levels in the Row River caused by the operation of Dorena Dam Hydroelectric Project. The violations occurred in April, when the Row River is designated as an active salmon and steelhead spawning area. Starting sometime in March, one of the monitoring sensors at the project indicated a need for maintenance; however, it appears that Dorena Hydro ignored this information, leading to a malfunction and to illegally low oxygen levels in the river. Dorena Hydro also failed to properly notify DEQ of the malfunction and failed to take the project offline as required in the event of such violations. It appears that Dorena Hydro is owned by ACD Hydro, a Delaware corporation that is not registered with Oregon’s Corporation Division.

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