Don’t Grab My Pussyhat

As the preparation gets under way for the Womens March on Washington and its sister marches, sign making and T-shirt preparations have taken off. One notable bit of fashion is the Pussyhat Project, which seeks to outfit marchers with more or less matching pink pussyhats to make a unique collective visual statement, which will help activists be better heard. The hats are being created by crafters across the country and consist of a pink knit cap with small cat ears. For more go to

For those lacking the crafty gene, Threadbare Print House, a Eugene-based woman owned, eco-friendly company, is producing T-shirts with a fist and the slogan fiercely feminist. Threadbare owner Amy Baker says, Most of us from the shop will be marching in Portland that weekend. We have several friends and customers who are flying to D.C. for the March. Baker says that $10 from every T-shirt and $20 from every hoodie sold will be donated to Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood seemed like the right place to donate the money to because it is an institution that provides necessary health care to women across the country, she says. To purchase go to