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Intimate Oil

Get yourself some weed lubricant

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and given the state of affairs in this country, you might not be feeling as happy as you should — even if you’ve got a wonderful significant other.

But weed lube might help make up for this happiness deficit by spicing things up in the bedroom, and at a minimum, should help you briefly forget that one of our president’s nicknames is “Cheeto.”

Cannabis lube does more than provide easy entry. At the People’s Wellness Center on Centennial Loop, Manager Jillian Mithun says the lubes are primarily a “female lubricant,” and that the weed-infused lube “moves blood to the clitoris and makes the whole area a little more sensitive. Usually when a woman is aroused a swelling in the clitoral area occurs. It will help to aid this.”

And while we all know that this product is a lubricant, don’t tell that to the Federal Drug Administration.

In order to legally market your weed lube as lube it needs the FDA’s stamp of approval. Sacred Herb Medicinals owner Erin McClaskey says she ran into this roadblock, and has since adjusted the labels for her Bend-based company’s lubricant to say “intimate oil.” 

Because the federal government is not pot friendly, don’t expect this to change anytime soon.

Though marketed for females, this oil is very versatile. McClaskey, who says she first saw weed lube made during her days as a Deadhead 20 years ago, has heard positive reports of men using weed lube on solo missions, as well as positive reports about use from same-sex couples.

But does it get you high? That’s where things get hazy, because, similar to when smoking weed, your mileage may vary.

“A lot of people do get a psychoactive effect,” McClaskey says. “A lot of people feel a little high or euphoric.”

Seattle’s The Stranger reported in 2015 on a cannabis lube that “gets you high as fuck” during anal sex.

On the other hand, Eugene OG’s manager, Alex Traylor, who says he has used weed lube, says that, “In no way, shape or form are there any psychoactive effects. It creates a euphoric effect, heat in the area, and just kinda gets into your system. But you don’t get a body high.”

The mystery of the experience might make you more eager to try the intimate oil. But going back to its versatility, weed lube also appears to have a therapeutic effect. 

Both McClaskey and Traylor say that if women put the weed lube on the end of a tampon before use it can help to ease menstrual cramps.

If you’re convinced weed lube is for you, you’ll have to take what you can get in stores, because, like so many other cannabis companies, Sacred Herb Medicinals has been impacted by the new and strict Oregon recreational marijuana rules.

 McClaskey says that after being out of business for three months in order to satisfy the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s licensing requirements, her latest line of weed lube should be hitting weed shops just in time for Valentine’s Day. The one-ounce containers should retail for around $30.

And remember, these are oils, and if sex ed. classes taught us anything it’s that oil breaks down condoms. So be mindful.

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