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The Company Doing Juicing Right

Fresh Press Northwest takes cold press to new heights

If you think cold-pressed juices only taste like Brussels sprouts, you’ll be amazed to hear one special juicery in town even has child admirers. 

Jon Bertolone, owner of The Fresh Press Northwest organic juicery, took his first shot at juicing to help a friend who was battling cancer. From there it grew into something bigger than he ever imagined. 

Bertolone started delivering juices to his friend’s home via the “milkman method,” in which he would pick up empty jars as he delivered fresh ones. What wasn’t originally intended to be a business endeavor ended up charming many, spearheading Bertolone into a one-man juicing operation. 


Jon Bertolone, owner of Fresh Press Northwest

Photos by Todd Cooper

“People started talking about my juices and delivery method, and it ended up overtaking my entire kitchen,” Bertolone says. “It eventually consumed my other job, so I decided to jump full-on into it.” 

While he aims to serve juices that taste delicious, what’s equally important to Bertolone are juices that feel good. After all, the shop’s sign does read: “Our mission is nutrition.” 

“One of the most common misconceptions is you can juice anything from the kitchen sink — things you like, or things you think are healthy — when in actuality you can put foods in there that cancel each other out,” Bertolone says. “In our juices we try to combine the absolute perfect combination of fruits, vegetables, herbs and extracts for a complete nutritional option.”

Using mostly locally-sourced ingredients, the menu currently features 10 creative juices with such tantalizing names as “Love Your Liver” (carrot, beet, apple, ginger) and “Green Energy” (carrot, celery, spinach, apple). The menu also offers fresh gourmet smoothies, as well as daily cleanse packages which “reset, renew and revive” the body.


Coffee Buttercup Superfood Smoothie

Photo by Todd Cooper

“Juicing has been an incredible transformative in my life, and I enjoy sharing its magic with Eugene,” Bertolone says. 

Bertolone’s favorite drinks for summer are “Dusk Till Dawn” (grapefruit, lemon, honey, and cayenne) and “Sun Salutation” (pineapple, lime, mint, and liquid chlorophyll), which he says are especially replenishing after a hot summer hike.

The Fresh Press NW is located at 76 W Broadway, open 10:30 am – 4 pm Monday through Friday, and on Saturdays you can catch them at Saturday Market! Closed on Sundays.