A Flair for the Traditional

Authenticity is key at Mi Patio's Mexican cuisine

From the homemade corn tortillas to the whimsical cartoons painted on the side, the Mi Patio food truck is an authentic Mexican restaurant on wheels.

It boasts seven substantial burritos, including veggie and chorizo, with excellent medium salsa made in-house, or rather, in-truck.

Mi Patio uses only organic meat purchased locally. Dishes are available with seasoned chicken, pork or steak. The chicken enchiladas are moist, and the sauce well-balanced. The corn tortillas hold together and taste better than store-bought tortillas. The sopitos — a tortilla with raised edges — feature a fresh maize base with your meat of choice, lettuce, cheese, onion and tomato.

Mi Patio also offers tacos, nachos, quesadillas and huevos rancheros. Portions are large while the menu is small, so each meal is made with the utmost quality.

Keep in mind that Mi Patio only accepts cash.

Mi Patio is open 10 am to 4 pm Monday through Saturday at 3331 Franklin Boulevard in Glenwood. For more information call 541-501-2583.