A Taste of El Salvador

Bet you can't eat just one at Carlito's Pupuseria

Carlito’s Pupuseria’s modest cart sits on the lot of a used car dealership at Sixth and Polk. A newcomer might be overwhelmed by the expansive menu, but when in doubt, try a taste of its namesake: a pupusa.

These stuffed Salvadorean delights are covered in cheese and packed with beans, pork and cheese, if you get the revuelta option. The pupusas are soft but crunchy, and wonderfully greasy for the right occasion at $3 each.

The tacos didn’t disappoint, either — tender, flavorful chicken topped with onion, cilantro and avocado on traditional tortillas. There were plenty of salsa options available on the tables for the spice-loving and the brave.

This affordable cart is worth stopping by if you happen to be in the area. Living or working nearby, you might find it an ideal weekly lunch spot. Don’t forget to order a nice cold Jarritos to drink in the shade while you chow down. — Kelly Kenoyer

Carlito’s Pupuseria at 1290 West 6th Avenue is open 10 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday. For more information, call 541-606-7075. 

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