A Wide World of Flavor

Navarro’s Latin Creole Kitchen brings Latin identity to Eugene

Southern beer-can chicken with cilantro jalapeño pesto, fish marinated in orange and lime for a perfected citrusy bite and Cuban pork sweet potato fries are among the many Latin specialties served out of a 1970 Metro step van driving around Eugene.

Having local, healthy ingredients, original recipes and a Latin culinary identity in Eugene is the heart of Navarro’s Latin Creole Kitchen. “It’s the quintessential Latin culinary cultural food — the best food from the South,” owner Jorge Navarro says.

The food truck doesn’t just serve traditional Mexican Latin items — it also brings tastes from Guatemala, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. “And then we just sort of play around with flavors on our own,” Navarro adds.

Navarro’s Latin Creole Kitchen makes its way around the city, building relationships with popular destinations. The food truck can be found at local breweries and many local events year-round, bringing “a world filled with spices, colors, sounds, aromas and history” to Eugene. — Morgan Theophil

Navarro’s Latin Creole Kitchen is open 5 pm to 9 pm Mondays at Oakshire Brewing Pub, 207 Madison Avenue, and 4:30 pm to 9 pm Thursdays at Nikasi Brewing, 272 Van Buren Street. For more information and a weekly location schedule, visit

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