Celebration in the Whit

The flavors are always burbling at Adriana's food truck

Across from Ninkasi, on a nice little patio, you can find Adriana Cruz sharing her homemade Mexican food. Adriana’s features traditional Mexican food as well as fan-favorite breakfast burritos.

A Mexican-American immigrant, Cruz has lived in Eugene for 20 years and had her food truck for four. “I like my business, I like the people, I like food and I like cooking,” Cruz says. She says tamales are one of the more popular dishes, but her favorites are the succulent carnitas and birria. Birria is a traditional Mexican stew food that includes beef, onions and spices that burble in a pot on the stove all day.

With reasonable prices and a great location, Cruz will welcome you with a smile and some tasty Mexican food. Remember to bring cash as she doesn’t accept credit cards — and don’t all come at once, because Cruz is running a one-woman show.

Adriana’s Homemade Mexican Food is open 9 am to 7 pm every day but Wednesday at 267 Van Buren Street across from Ninkasi.